Make Long-Term Relief From Bruxism a Reality

Pliable mouthguard + app made for long-term relief from bruxism

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Bruxism is Silently Damaging Your Health—
It’s Time to Take Charge

Grinding your teeth is a subconscious activity—it happens while you sleep, work, ride the subway, and dance the macarena wearing a chicken suit.

But, because you’re unaware that you’re grinding your teeth, you only notice the painful side effects: the tooth pain, jaw pain, ear ache, disturbed sleep, and headaches, while being completely unaware of when you’re actually doing the grinding motion.

How do you stop something you don’t even know you’re doing? With the powerful combination of a pliable and sturdy mouthguard with biofeedback tech.

Brux Aware goes beyond the generic boil-and-bite hard plastic mouthguards that only protect your chompers. The pliable but sturdy mouthguard shields your teeth while helping you curb your habit.

The smart mouthguard comes with pressure sensors that activate gentle pulses (biofeedback) that relaxes your jaw when you begin to grind. This helps to significantly reduce your bruxing habit overnight.

The app gives you daily insights that help you identify what triggers your teeth grinding. With time, the smart mouthguard understands your behavior better, helping to prevent heavy bruxing sessions.

Take Back Your Life and Your Teeth

The Brux Aware mouthguard feels pliable and fits most—so your teeth are protected, and you don’t feel like you’re trying to swallow a submarine

Finally understand why and when you brux so you can overcome the habit and start anew

Get a tiny pulsing massage every time your jaw begins to clench and your teeth start to grind, soothing your jaw back to its place

Take a Peek Inside the Brux Aware App

The app makes you aware of your bruxing triggers by showing you a chart of your bruxing activity throughout the day and night.

Over time, the Brux Aware mouthguard helps you gain a better understanding of the bruxing behavior—helping you stop the grinding and the painful side effects that come with it.

It’s Time to Really Do Something for Your Teeth 


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How it Works

Wear the mouthguard day or night and work/play/sleep

The sensors in the mouthguard will activate when they detect bruxing

You’ll feel a gentle pulse that will signal your jaw muscles to relax (the tiny massage)

With time your subconscious will be retrained to reduce or stop bruxing

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